Worldview Immersion Trip

Christ Church will be going on a mission trip on Saturday, August 5th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is an area of the world where refugees from all over the world have settled in the US. We will be partnering with Whirlwind Missions and will have a worldview immersion mission trip.

Atlanta | August 5

What is a Worldview Immersion Trip?

We will be learning about refugees and different cultures on this trip. We will learn what other Judaism and Islam, be visiting several places where Jews and Muslims shop, and see how the gospel is different than any other religions. We will then spend some time serving refugee kids through relational ministry in an apartment complex.


The Atlanta mission trip is for anyone first grade and up. It is great for families, students, and adults.


The Atlanta mission trip is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of different cultures in the world and the great need that people have for the gospel and a relationship with Jesus.


We will go on Saturday, August 5 to Atlanta. Activities in Atlanta will be from 10 AM EST until approximately 6 PM EST. We will gather that morning at 6:30 AM at the church if you want to ride with the group. Your family could also make a weekend trip of it and meet us in Atlanta.


The cost of the trip is $30 a person with a $100 limit on a family. This covers activities with the missionary and expenses for kids ministry supplies. You will also need money for any meals.


The deadline to sign up to be a part of the Atlanta mission trip is Wednesday, August 2. You can register by signing up online here.