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Welcome Our New Student Minister

It is my privilege to officially announce that after much laboring, Christ Church has hired a new Student Minister. Michael Bowman will be joining our staff, as Jody Hooven has moved into an Associate Pastor position at Christ Church.  You will have the opportunity of meeting Michael as he will be preaching in all three Christ Church worship gatherings on Sunday, July 22. We are delighted to welcome Michael and his wife, Sara, to Birmingham and into the Christ Church family!  In order for you to get to know Michael, here is a little more about Michael in his own words . . .

Strategy Shift: 7 Ways to Effectively Serve the Poor

All over the world, people are moving into cities.  As this trend continues to take on momentum, many American cities are experiencing a renaissance.  My hometown of Birmingham is not an exception. This city is experiencing an emergence of refurbished high-rise apartments, beautifully designed green spaces, trendy restaurants and a brand new sports stadium.[i]  As the city center buzzes with new life, more people continue to move into the city.

While urban renewal remains a robust trend throughout North America, the renewal does not translate into solving all the problems of our inner cities.  Vast areas with overwhelming, chronic needs remain.  Poverty, drugs, prostitution, addiction, and violent crime continue to thrive.  Behind it all stands a long line of broken lives. 

Great Moments in Methodist Missions

Great Moments in Methodist Missions The First Methodist Martyr William Seward 1702-1740 There is a remnant among a people called Methodist crying out in prayer for God to birth us as a movement again.  Not a movement as many status quo Methodist would define it, but a...

How to Abide: Three Methods for Abiding in Christ

By Paul Lawler   At the Christ Church Birmingham gathering last Sunday, I taught on the importance of “Abiding in Christ.” This was Part 4 of our series titled Conditions.  Through this series, our listeners are learning more about meeting the conditions God describes...

Spiritual Renewal Conference Day 3

On Sunday Mark taught on the need for Spiritual Renewal in our country.  If a spiritual renewal were to take place in our country, it will not come from the culture but from the church.  If the church is to experience spiritual renewal, it will be because we as...

Christ Church Spiritual Renewal Conference Report, Day 2

Can God move among a people called Methodists?  Hear the testimonies . . .

“Refreshing.”  “Renewing.”  “Liberating!”  “I had a breakthrough moment with Jesus.”  These are some of the phrases expressed coming out of Day 2 of the Christ Church Spiritual Renewal Conference.  The conference continues tonight at 6:30 p.m. on the Christ Church Birmingham campus.

The text for last evening’s gathering was Acts 19:2, where the Apostle Paul asked the question, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” 

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