Fall Discipleship Opportunities!

We will be joining together this Fall for a church-wide study on The Presence: Experiencing More of God by Alec Rowlands.  Through this study, we will be examining what it looks like to pursue God’s presence and explore the implications that it can have on us, our families, our church, our nation and our world.  “The amazing good news is that we serve a God who loves to be close to us and to make himself known.”

We will offer a variety of Small Groups throughout the week.  Registration for the groups will begin Sunday, August 15.  On Sunday, August 25, the Small Group Leaders will be available at the sign-up tables to answer any questions.  The groups will begin the week of September 7.

The Presence - Church-wide Study


Carlotta Wessels | 9am (Mixed)

Ben Birdsong | 8 am (Men)


Ed Kennon | 6 am (Men)

Paul Lawler | 7:15 am (Men)

Ben Rogers | 6 pm (Men)

Simon & Eileen Jarnholt | 6:30 pm (Mixed)


Tommy Artmann | 7:45 am (Men)

Susan Seng & Brenae Dunaway | 6 pm (Women)

Matt & Lane Shell | 6:15 pm (Mixed)

Amy Howser & Sheri Cain | 6:15 pm (Women)

Laura Crew | 6:15 pm (Women)

Nancy Markham | 6:15 pm (Women)

Rick Graham | 7 pm (Mixed)


Paula Artmann | 9 am (Women)


Laurie Reynier | 10:30 am (Women)


The Vine & The Branches | 9:30 am (Mixed)

The Believers Class | 9:30 am (Mixed)

Sunday School Classes

The Living in Grace Class

Led by Larry Noble (Mixed)

9:30 AM | Room 207

The Believers Class

Led by Jamie Aughtman, (Mixed 30’s & 40’s)

9:30 AM | Room 200

The Wesley Class

Led by Barry Dodd (Mixed)

9:30 AM | Meeting Virtually

The Joyful Spirits

Led by Danny Lancaster (Mixed)

9:30 AM | Sanctuary

The Vine & The Branches

Led by Betsy & Tim Covington (Mixed)

9:30 AM | The Gathering Place

20s & 30 - Somethings

Led by Ben & Liz Birdsong and Mary & George Lytle

9:30 AM | Upper Room

Seekers of Light Class

Led by Steve Hendricks

9:30 AM | Room 204

Other Groups

Discovery Bible Study

Led by Paul Lawler (Men)

7:15 AM  | Tuesdays

DeShazo Conference Room

205 Ministries

College Ministry Small Group

Led by Bradley Edwards

6:30 PM | O’Henry’s in Brookwood Village

Live Second 3/3rds Group

Led by Lane Shell (Women)

7:15 PM | Thursdays

Worship Based Prayer

Led by Paul Lawler

6:15 PM | Wednesdays

Discipleship Essentials

Led by Ann Aycock (Women)



Just as Jesus poured into the 12 and the 3 to help them grow in maturity, He wants us to do the same. To help equip you to take a next step, we are providing several Discipleship Tools which are great resources.  There is Discovery Bible Study, which is a method of reading the Bible together and applying God’s word to your life.  Then there is information about Live Second Groups, which is a modification of Discovery Bible Study, but is focused on stories of hope & learning to share them.  There is also information about Discipleship Bands and RightNow Media, which is a digital Bible study library where you have free access to over 20,000 discipleship videos.  You can access these tools by clicking here: