“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection . . . Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal;  but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.”  – Philippians 3:10-12

Are you ready to go into the deeper things of God?

Are you hungry to KNOW Christ more and the POWER of the Holy Spirit?  If so, let’s press in together this Fall through the church-wide study on SUPERNATURAL: Experiencing the Power of God’s Kingdom by Carolyn Moore.  We are offering a variety of groups throughout the week so check out the following option and sign up!

Meet the Leaders!


9:00 AM

Led by Carlotta Wessels (Mixed)


7:15 AM

Led by Tommy Artmann (Men)

10:00 AM

Led by Amy Dyer (Women)


6:15 PM

Led by Anna & Paul McEwen (Mixed)

6:15 PM | TBD

Led by Sheri Hooven (Mixed)

6:15 PM

Led by Jenny Johnson (Singles)

6:15 PM

Led by Jody Hooven (Men)

6:15 PM

Led by Laura Crew (Women)

6:15 PM

Susan Seng & Danielle Peterson (Women)

6:15 PM

Nancy Thomas & Terry Pritchett (Women)

6:15 PM

Amy Howser & Sheri Cain (Women)

6:30 PM

Rick Graham (Mixed)


9:00 AM

Led by Paula Artmann (Women)


10:30 AM

Led by Laurie Reynier (Women)


New Sunday Group

9:30 AM | Mixed Group

Room 201 | Led by Connor and Misty Hopkins | [email protected]

Sunday Group

9:30 AM | Mixed Group

Upper Room | Led by Ben & Liz Birdsong, George & Mary Lytle

Sunday School Classes | 9:30 AM

The Vine & The Branches

9:30 AM | Mixed Group

Room 208 | Led by Robert & Wendy Brandon

Seekers of Light

Mixed Group

Room 204 | Led by Steve Hendricks

Joyful Searchers

Mixed Group

Room 210 | Led by Danny Lancaster | [email protected]

The Wesley Class

Mixed Group ALL AGES

Room 205 | Led by Barry Dodd | [email protected]

The Living in Grace Class

Mixed Group

Room 207 | Led by Steve Dearwent & Robert Hardesty | [email protected]

The Believers Class

Mixed Group, 30's & 40's

Room 200 | Led by Jamie Aughtman | [email protected]