Discipleship Groups

Since we are living in the midst of a pandemic where it is not safe to gather in larger groups, we have come up with a new plan for discipleship for the Fall.  We want to form groups of 3 to 4 people (gender specific) who will journey together through Discipleship Essentials – A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ.  This is an effective tool to help people grow in spiritual maturity as well as learn to disciple others.  More detailed information will come out soon about how you can participate.

What is Discipleship Essentials?

  • Essential Groups of 3-4 gender specific people
  • 25 Sessions over the course of 9 months
  • Central to the group is an agreement to a mutual covenant (pg. xvi in Discipleship Essentials).
  • Flexible Locations! Each group would choose where they want to meet, i.e. virtually, someone’s home (driveway, backyard/frontyard, porch).  The portico and some rooms will be available at the church by reservation.

If you would like more information and/or would like to consider participating in one of these groups, contact Nancy Markham, nmarkham@christchurchbham.com or 205-991-5065.