Discipleship Groups


Since we are living in the midst of a pandemic where it has not been safe to gather in larger groups, we have a new plan for discipleship this fall.  We are forming groups of 3 to 4 people (gender-specific) who will journey together through a transformational study called, Discipleship Essentials – A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ.  This book is an effective tool to help people grow in spiritual maturity, help fulfill the Christ Church mission of making disciples of all peoples, as well as learn to disciple others (which also supports the Christ Church goal of developing disciples who make disciples).

  • There are 25 Sessions so the group would meet for a minimum of 9 months.
  • The group would meet weekly, but would take a break for holidays.
  • Central to the group is an agreement to a mutual covenant (pg. xvi in Discipleship Essentials).
  • Each group would choose where they want to meet, i.e. virtually, someone’s home (driveway, backyard/frontyard, porch).  The portico and some rooms will be available at the church by reservation.
  • Use the link below to get a preview of the text.

If you would like more information and/or would like to consider participating in one of these groups, contact Nancy Markham, [email protected] or 205-991-5065.

Discipleship Essentials Book Preview

Get a preview of the book here!

Contact Nancy Markham for more information!

Other Discipleship Opportunities!

Discovery Bible Study

Led by Paul Lawler (Men)

7:15 AM  | Tuesdays

Meeting Virtually

James by Francis Chan

Led by Amy Howser and Sheri Cain (Women)

6:00 PM | Wednesdays

Eternity 101 by Randy Alcorn

Led by Rick Graham (Mixed)

7:00 PM | Wednesdays

Meeting Virtually

Discovery Bible Study

Led by Scott Brown (Men)

Time: TBD

Sunday School Classes

The Living in Grace Class

Led by Larry Noble (Mixed)

11:00 AM | Meeting Virtually

The Believers Class

Led by Jamie Aughtman, (Mixed 30’s & 40’s)

9:30 AM | Meeting Virtually

The Wesley Class

Led by Barry Dod & Bob Law (Mixed)

9:30 AM | Meeting Virtually

The Joyful Spirits

Led by Danny Lancaster (Mixed)

9:30 AM | Meeting Virtually

The Vine & The Branches

Led by Betsy & Tim Covington (Mixed)

9:30 AM | The Gathering Place