“You have but one mission on earth – to save souls.”
– John Wesley

We have committed to the following missional goal:

25 year Commitment to Minister to the East Lake Community of Birmingham

Plant 1,300 Churches

Send 100 Missionaries

Current Progress


Missionaries Sent


Churches Planted


Years in East Lake

Missions Strategy

At Christ Church, we believe that we worship a God who has a heart for others to come to know and have a relationship with Him. Through missions, we have opportunities to share the transformational message of the gospel to our neighbors, our city, our nation, and the world.

Atlanta International Village Worldview Immersion Trip

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Date: Saturday, April 15th, 2023
  • Cost: $30 per person ($100 family limit)
  • Team Leader: Dr. Ben Birdsong
  • Ministry Type: worldview immersion cultural experiences, kids ministry
  • Learn More/Register: www.christchurchbham.com/atlanta

Atlanta Student Mission Trip

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Date: June 11th-16th, 2023
  • Cost: TBD
  • Team Leader: Bradley Edwards
  • Ministry Type: worldview immersion cultural experiences, kids ministry
  • Location: Sofia and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Date: July 1st-8th, 2023
  • Cost: $2,400
  • Team Leader: Sherri Hooven
  • Ministry Type: kids ministry, feeding ministry, church services

[FULL] Honduras Trip (Men’s Trip)

  • Location: El Paraiso de del Copan, Honduras
  • Date: July 1st-8th, 2023
  • Cost: $1,700
  • Team Leader: Jimmy Aycock
  • Ministry Type: water filter ministry, light construction

Kenya Mission Trip

  • Location: Thika, Kenya
  • Date: August 30th-September 10th, 2023
  • Cost: $4,200
  • Team Leader: Steve Hendricks
  • Ministry Type: kids ministry at Taji Center, ministry projects alongside Living the Faith Church, and church services

Red Bird Mission Trip

  • Location: Red Bird, Kentucky
  • Date: October 15th-20th, 2023
  • Cost: $425
  • Team Leader: Bill Tiemann
  • Ministry Type: construction

Faith Promise Giving

As a church, Christ Church Birmingham has had a missional heart for many years which has including investing financially in missionaries and local Christian non-profits serving in our city. For many years, Christ Church Birmingham supported global missionaries through our Long Term Missionary Fund. Through strategic and frequent fundraising events over the course of the year, monies were raised to cover supported missionaries through this fund. The funds given to missionaries through this fund were meant to be over and above the tithe gifts, also known as second mile giving.
In spring 2022, Christ Church Birmingham’s pastoral and missions leadership made the decision to move to a Faith Promise approach to giving. We wanted to not nickel and dime people for giving and instead ask people to seek the Lord for His wisdom in how He would call them to invest in His mission locally and globally. Faith Promise is built around the idea that each person or family unit would seek the Lord in prayer to determine what amount the Holy Spirit would be leading them to invest by faith into the missions efforts of the church through Faith Promise. These pledges would be collected every May and would be used by our local and global mission council teams to determine the scope of impact our giving could have through investment in local and global partners. Our annual Faith Promise season as a church goes from May to April each year.
All funds given to Faith Promise are distributed entirely to local Christian non-profits and global missionaries we are partnered with strategically around the world. Our current Faith Promise giving is split with 35% going to local Christian non-profits and 65% going to global missionaries. Since Faith Promise is a second mile giving fund that is different than the general missions ministry budget for Christ Church Birmingham, all donations whether via check, kiosk, or online need to be tagged with “Faith Promise.”

Local Missions

“The light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home.”
– C. T. Studd


Locally, Christ Church has strategically partnered with the following local mission ministries:

Global Missions

“We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.”
– Oswald J. Smith


Christ Church is blessed to be able to partner and support 20 mission partners serving the least of these through mercy ministry and sharing the gospel to those who have never heard all over the world. We are blessed to be able to encourage these mission partners through prayer, short term trips, and giving.




We have missionary prayer books available in the church office and welcome centers. Please pick up a missionary prayer book and join in supporting our missionaries in prayer today!


Our missionaries are funded through second mile giving over and above our tithes. Please consider giving to help support our missions partners on the field.


In a COVID-19 world, going in many ways is on hold. As we have opportunities to serve locally and globally, we will share them.