“The question for the church in every generation is this: Will we submit gladly to the Scriptures? Will we devote ourselves to understanding them truly, valuing them supremely [under God himself], applying them properly, obeying them wholeheartedly, and speaking them courageously and publicly?”
—John Piper

What is missions? In short, we view missions as simply loving God through obeying Him. After much time listening to God about where our church family is to serve, we discerned that we have a three-fold vision:

  • Equip 150 discipleship group leaders in patterns of disciple-making
  • Commit to serve the East Lake community in our city for a minimum of 25 years
  • Plant 350 churches around the world in 10 years


This is how we are called to live out our mission in our city and among the nations. There are many ways that you can connect to this missional vision through our local and global pages.



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