Our Staff

Bill Tiemann

Traditional Worship Arts Pastor/Pastoral Care Minister
Phone: 205-236-9600 (direct)

Bob Taylor

Worship Arts Pastor/Director of SFA
Phone: 205-236-9555 (direct)

David Johnson

Phone: 205-236-8999 (direct)

Dennis Scarvey

Facility Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: 205-991-5065

Emily Hollingsworth

Membership Secretary/Receptionist
Phone: 205-991-5065

Jane Wairegi

Minister of Spiritual Renewal
Phone: 205-370-6460

Jody Hooven

Associate Pastor
Phone: 205-236-8900 (direct)

Mary Lytle

Minister of Communications
Phone: 205-991-5065 ext. 109

Michael Bowman

Student Minister
Phone: 205-236-9800 (direct)

Nancy Markham

Discipleship Minister
Phone: 205-236-9222 (direct)

Paul Lawler

Senior Pastor
Phone: 205-991-5065

Scott Kaak

First Impressions Minister
Phone: 205-991-5065 ext. 247

Sharon Ams

Office Administrator/Pastor's Assistant/Financial Secretary
Phone: 205-236-8800 (direct)

Sheri Hooven

Children's Minister
Phone: 205-236-9700 (direct)

Susan Miller

Missions Minister
Phone: 205-236-9300 (direct)

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