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Summer Discipleship Opportunities

Updated: Jun 11

We are excited to offer distinct discipleship opportunities this summer during June and July!

Discipleship Groups

Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart by Alan D. Wolfelt PhD

(Time TBD by group) 

Led by Owen Stricklin 


This is a ten-week study assisting you to understand your grief and befriend your painful, complex thoughts and feelings after the death of someone loved.  This is a small group experience where you join others in their journey of grief. Grief is very unique to each individual. It is a very practical experience as you walk through the ten touchstones of grief.  


This study will help you engage with your grief and create momentum toward healing. 


The Spirit of Our Politics: Spiritual Formation and the Renovation of Public Life by Michael Wear

(6 PM Wednesdays) 

Led by Amber Tolbert

Starts June 5 


When political division shows up not only on the campaign trail but also at our dinner tables, we wonder: Can we be part of a better way? The Spirit of Our Politics  says “yes,” offering a distinctly Christian approach to politics that results in healing rather than division, kindness rather than hatred, and hope rather than despair. 


In this profound and hope-filled book, Michael Wear—a leading thinker and practitioner at the intersection of faith and politics—applies insights taken from the work of Dallas Willard to argue that by focusing on having the “right” politics, we lose sight of the kind of people we are becoming, to destructive results.  


The Spirit of Our Politics is for readers of any political perspective who long for a new way to think about and engage in politics. That new approach begins with a simple question: What kind of person would I like to be? 


Epic of Eden: Isaiah

(10 AM Mondays) 

Led by Kelly Thompson

Starts June 17 


Often named the fifth gospel, the book of the prophet Isaiah has more to say about Israel’s coming Messiah than any other Old Testament book. Brilliant, courageous, uncompromising, this prophet declared that the year of the LORD had come and God’s people needed to either step up, or stand down. Indeed, when Isaiah spoke, kings trembled.

But too often, when Isaiah speaks today, God’s people have trouble hearing. Why? We often miss the larger context. In The Epic of Eden: Isaiah, Dr. Sandra Richter takes participants back to the eighth century BCE. This ten-week study explains Israel’s religion and economy, explores the definition and role of the prophets, and helps us to apply the message of this great champion of the faith to our lives today.


Men’s Group:

Discovery Bible Study – Matthew

(6:15 PM Wednesdays) 

Led by Jody Hooven 



This group is continuing to walk through the gospel of Matthew using the Discovery Bible Study method. All men are welcome to join them as they connect with each other through the Scripture. 


Women’s Group:

Take Courage: A Study of Haggai by Jennifer Rothschild

(6 PM Wednesdays)

Led by Mary Lytle

Starts June 5 


In this 7-session study on the Book of Haggai, learn to walk confidently in your calling, stay motivated despite opposition, and courageously invest your life in God's purposes, trusting Him for results you may never see in this lifetime.


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