with Jody Hooven




with Paul Lawler 




with Paul Lawler 




with Paul Lawler 




with Paul Lawler




with Paul Lawler




5-19-19 God’s Kingdom and Authority on Earth
with Paul Lawler




5-19-19 God’s Kingdom and Authority on Earth
with Paul Lawler




5-12-19 Mother’s Day | Finding Purpose in Suffering
with Paul Lawler




5-5-19 Living Well in the Midst of Suffering
with Jody Hooven




4-28-19 Message: Taking initiative in Loving One Another
with Paul Lawler




4-21-19  Easter Sunday “Made New”
with Paul Lawler




4-14-19  Submission in a Hostile World
with Paul Lawler


4-7-19  Solid as a Rock Part 3: Grace-Empowered Holiness with Paul Lawler


3-31-19  Solid as a Rock Part 2 with Paul Lawler

3-24-19  Solid as a Rock Part 1: The Context of the Conflict with Paul Lawler


3-17-19  with Michael Bowman


3-10-19  with Jimmy Aycock

3-3-19  with Tommy Artman

2-24-19  with Paul Lawler

2-10-19  Thirst  Conference (Sunday Night with Rica McRoy)

2-10-19  Thirst Missions Conference with

Rica McRoy

2-3-19  He Redeems our Possessions
with Paul Lawler

1-20-19  Redeemed Part 1 with Paul Lawler 

1-13-19  Vision Sunday 2019 

1-6-19 Prayer that Shakes the World – Paul Lawler



12-30-18  with Jody Hooven






12-24-18 A Tale of Two Advents Part 5: Behold, The Christmas Lamb with Paul Lawler






12-23-18 A Tale of Two Advents Part 4: Persevering Living: The Wedding of Purpose and Power with Paul Lawler





12-16-18 A Tale of Two Advents Part 3: Powerful Living: A Supernatural Christmas with Paul Lawler






12-9-18 Guest Teacher –  The Call of Jesus





12-2-2018 A Tale of Two Advents Part 2: Purposeful Living Between the Two Advents – Paul Lawler





11-25-2018 A Tale of Two Advents Part 1: There’s More to Advent than Meets the Eye – Paul Lawler





11-18-2018 Give Thanks – Paul Lawler




11-11-2018 Trust Issues – Jody Hooven




11-4-2018 Come and See: Discover What You Are Really Looking For – Michael Bowman




10-28-2018 5pm Worship Night, Travailing Prayer – David Thomas




10-28-2018: Abide Series, Travailing Prayer – David Thomas



10-21-2018: Abide Series, Abiding and Joy – Paul Lawler



10-14-2018: Abide Series, Part 6: Abiding and Hearing the Voice of God – Paul Lawler



10-7-2018: Abide: Part 5, Abiding and Identity –Paul Lawler



9-30-18 Abide Worship Night with Cris Knox



9-30-18 Abide: Part 4, Abiding and Mountain Moving Prayer – Paul Lawler



9-23-18 Abide Series: Part 3, Abiding and an Empowered Prayer Life with Paul Lawler



9-16-18 Abide Series: Part 2, Pruning for a Greater Fruitfulness  with Paul Lawler



9-9-18  Abide Series: Part 1, The Gift of Abiding in Christ with Paul Lawler



9-2-18 A Tale of Two Temples with Jimmy Aycock



8-26-18 The Wedding of Worship and Prayer with Paul Lawler



8-19-18 Miracles: Part 9, The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus with Paul Lawler



8-12-18 Miracles: Part 8, Healing of a Withered Hand  with Paul Lawler



8-5-18 Miracles: Your Faith Has Made You Well! with Jody Hooven



7-29-18 Miracles: Healing of a Man with a Demon with Jody Hooven



7-22-18  Miracles: The Frustrating Thing About Jesus with Michael Bowman



7-15-18  with Jody Hooven



7-8-18 Miracles: Part 4, Healing of a Paralytic with Paul Lawler



7-1-18  Miracles Part 3: Healing of a Leper with Paul Lawler



6-24-18  Miracles Part 2: Healing of an Unclean Spirit



6-17-18  “The Context of Miracles”
with Paul Lawler



6-10-18  with Paul Lawler



6-3-18  with Paul Lawler



5-27-18  with Jody Hooven



5-20-18  with Paul Lawler



5-13-18  with Paul Lawler



5-6-18  with Paul Lawler



4-29-18  with Paul Lawler



4-22-18  with Paul Lawler



4-15-18  with Jody Hooven



4-8-18  with Paul Lawler



4-1-18 “Life after Easter” with Paul Lawler



3-25-18 with Paul Lawler



3-18-18 with Paul Lawler



4-11-18 with Terry Teykl



4-4-18    with Todd Ahrend



2-25-18    with Paul Lawler



2-18-18    with Paul Lawler



2-11-18    with Jimmy Aycock



1-14-18  The Gift of Vital Giving Part 2  with Paul Lawler



1-7-18 with Paul Lawler



12-31-17 with Paul Lawler



12-17-17 with Paul Lawler



12-10-17 with Paul Lawler “Restoration of Love”



12-3-17 with Paul Lawler



11-19-17 with (Guest Speaker)



11-12-17 with Paul Lawler



11-08-17 Spiritual Renewal Conference

Day 4 with Mark Nyswander



11-06-17 Spiritual Renewal Conference

Day 3 with Mark Nyswander



11-05-17 Spiritual Renewal Conference

Day 2 with Mark Nyswander



11-05-17 Spiritual Renewal Conference

Day 1 with Mark Nyswander



10-29-17  with Paul Lawler



10-22-17  with Paul Lawler



10-15-17  with Paul Lawler



10-8-17  with Paul Lawler



10-1-17  with Paul Lawler



9-24-17  with Paul Lawler



9-17-17  with Paul Lawler



9-10-17  with Paul Lawler



9-3-17  with Jimmy Aycock



8-27-17  with Jody Hooven



8-20-17  with Paul Lawler



8-13-17  with Paul Lawler



8-6-17  with Chris Hartwiger



7-30-17  with Jody Hooven



7-23-17  with Paul Lawler



7-16-17  with Paul Lawler



7-9-17  with Paul Lawler



7-2-17  with Paul Lawler



6-25-17  with Paul Lawler


6-18-17  with Paul Lawler


6-11-17  with Paul Lawler


6-4-17  with Paul Lawler



5-21-17  with Paul Lawler



5-14-17  with Paul Lawler


4-30-17  with Paul Lawler



5-7-17  with Paul Lawler



4-23-17 “What’s in a Name?” with Jody Hooven


4-16-17 Easter Sunday with Paul Lawler






UNSTUCK Part 2  3-19-17

Paul Lawler

UNSTUCK Part 1  3-12-17

Paul Lawler


Sermon “Apex” 3-5-17

Paul Lawler


Sermon 2-26-17

Jody Hooven

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