Show Us Your Glory
A Church-Wide Study

God’s invitation to us throughout His word is to seek Him, to look for Him and to expect Him.  As we draw near to Him, we will never cease to discover new and marvelous realities of who God is and what He is like.  Consider this, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us (A. W. Tozer).”  As we enter into the Fall season, you are invited on a journey to discover  more of  the true nature of God through our church-wide study, Show Us Your Glory, by participating in a Small Group.  We offer a variety of groups that meet throughout the week.

Small Groups will begin the week of September 5


9:30 am – Chris Hartwiger (Mixed)

9:30 am – Tim & Betsy Covington (Mixed)

9:30 am – The Believers Class, Led by Jamie & Amy Aughtman (Mixed)

10:45 am – Tony & Erin Colbaugh (Mixed)


9:00 am – Jimmie Brindley (Mixed)


5:30 am – Steve Dearwent (Men)

7:15 am – Paul Lawler (Men)

WEDNESDAY – 6:00 pm

Casey & Janelle (Mixed)

Ben Crew (Men)

Amy Howser & Sheri Cain (Women)

Linda Burdett (Women)

Lane Shell (Women)

Worship Based Prayer

Led by Paul Lawler and Laura Gossett

All are invited to share in worship-based prayer from 6:00 – 6:45. Those desiring to participate in the small group study will spend time in discussion of Show Us Your Glory from 6:45- 7:30.

THURSDAY – 6:30 pm

Rick Graham (Mixed)

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