Ministering to children this day and time is a challenge, competing with technology, sports, travel, and such a wide variety of entertainment, but the timeless truths of God’s word still shine forth like a beacon, a safe place to land. We all need that anchor in this world, especially when we are young! So in Christ Kid’s Children’s Ministry, we spent the month of March sharing about how we are made in the image of God.

From our littles to our elementary kids, all month we proclaimed, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” We taught how God goes after the one in the story of the lost sheep, how we were created to make a difference even while we’re young in the story of Timothy, and how God looks at the heart instead of the outward appearance, as in the story of David being anointed by Samuel.

As each child looked at their own uniqueness and wrote it down to hang on the Children’s Worship Center wall, it was an amazing array of character traits that can be used by God. We are all different, but all loved and valued. When that truth sinks down in the heart of a first grader, what a difference it makes in their life!

Helping to make that difference are our small group leaders. They are the true heroes of children’s ministry. They show up weekly and build relationships from our two’s up to our 5th graders. Leaders serve as a loving second voice in their lives, pointing them toward Jesus in each lesson that is taught, a living example of how this Gospel can be lived out. From sitting on the carpet with a two-year-old in story-time, to wrestling with how important it is to view ourselves as God does with fifth graders, our small group leaders are a consistent loving presence in our children’s lives here at Christ Church. What a treasure to know that someone is willing to do that for your child each week!

From babies to preteens, children’s ministry is vital to ensuring that the next generation is challenged to live passionately for Jesus, not only when they are grown, but now, right in their schools and neighborhoods. Learning that “God Made Me, Jesus Loves Me and wants to be my friend forever” can transform a generation!


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Written by Sheri Hooven

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