“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.”
          —William Carey

After much time in prayer and reading of Scripture in 2008, the church leadership team discerned a three-fold vision for our church family:

  •  To equip 150 discipleship group leaders in patterns of disciple-making
  •  To commit to serve the East Lake community in our city for a minimum of 25 years
  •  To plant 350 churches around the world in 10 years

We are passionate about equipping disciple-makers, serving the East Lake community holistically, and blessing people all over the globe who have never heard the name of Jesus.

These three segments of our vision are unique to our church family living out our calling in this city and among the nations. All three parts have helped shape how we live out our mission of glorifying God, treasuring Jesus Christ, loving others, and making disciples of all peoples.

Since we have begun in 2009, we have built lasting relationships in the East Lake community that have allowed us to minister to people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The Christ Church family has commissioned several families to live in the neighborhood. Throughout the process of serving our city, we have discovered much about God, the world, and even ourselves.

Through our short-term global teams, we have, glory to God, planted more than 104 churches, many of which have multiplied into 3rd and 4th generation churches. Through these teams, nearly 14,000 people have come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have now planted 430 churches & thousands have come to have a relationshp with Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace, may He continue to multiply our missions ministry to bless our city and the nations.

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