Women are a vital part of Christ Church (and The Church!) whether you have been a member for many years, or have just started visiting. Strong connections between women yield amazing blessings through relationships, service and ministry. Women need one another as encouragers, comforters, prayer warriors and listeners. We each have experiences and testimonies that can strengthen one another as we all seek to grow in Christ.

Christ Church Women is a ministry that provides opportunities for us to connect with one another during our different stages in life and enjoy fellowship activities while doing so.

Large group events will be hosted throughout the year, but we encourage you to sign up for an “interest” group that will meet more frequently to make connections participating in the activities that mean the most to you.

Upcoming Events 2019-2020

 December 7 ,2019

Christmas Crafts & Cookies
10:30 am | Gathering Place

January 25, 2020
Women’s Conference RESOLVE
10:00 – 3:00 pm | Worship Center
Ft. Mari Beth Poor

March 10, 2020
Social Event (TBD)
7:00 pm

June 25, 2020
Mom Time
9:00 – 11:00 am

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