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Christ Church Giving

Cancel SecureGive giving

Set up giving with Breeze

We are moving from SecureGive to Breeze!

We will turn off SecureGive on May 31, 2024

How to get started with Breeze

Next Steps for One-Time Gifts

  • If you’d like to give a one-time gift, simply use Breeze instead of Secure Give by clicking on the "Give through Breeze" button above and following the instructions on the page.

Next Steps for Recurring Givers

  • If you’re a recurring giver in Secure Give, first cancel the gift within their system

    • Then go to

    • Select “Give Through Breeze”

    • Enter the amount you’d like to give

    • Click the dropdown that shows the words “one time gift” and select a different frequency from the menu (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, yearly)

    • Select your Payment Method and click “Continue”

    • Now enter your contact and payment information and choose if you would like to cover the processing fees

    • Click the “Give $” button

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