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What time is church?

Christ Church has two weekly worship services  - a traditional service that meets in the Sanctuary and a contemporary service that meets in the Worship Center. You'll see signs to point you in the right direction when you arrive on campus.

Traditional Worship @ 8:15 am

Contemporary Worship @ 10:45 am

What do people wear?

At the traditional service, people tend to dress business casual. You're likely to see ladies in dresses, skirts, or pants. Men often wear dress pants, polo or buttoned shirts, and sometimes a jacket.

The contemporary service is more casual. It's common for people to wear jeans.

Is there children's church?

Yes! Children's Church is available for kids in both services. In the traditional service, kids start out with their parents and are dismissed to Children's Church after the pastoral prayer.

For the contemporary service, you can check your kids into Children's Church on your way in and pick them up after worship concludes.

Will I meet a pastor?

Pastor Matt is our Lead Pastor, and he's eager to meet guests to Christ Church. He and some of our other pastors will be at the welcome center at the end of each service. Stop by and say "hi". He's got a gift for you.

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