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At Christ Church Birmingham, we want to faithfully equip people to serve on short term mission trips. The following video and items make up our Christ Church Mission Trip 101 training session. This session is designed to be completed for all team members serving on a Christ Church Mission Trip. Since the training doesn’t change for Mission Trip Training 101, those who have completed the training will not need to repeat the training on future trips. Begin by watching the Mission Trip Training 101 video.

Mission Trip Training 101

Next Steps

  1. Read: Sharing the Gospel 

  2. Read: Sharing Your Story

  3. Watch: When Helping Hurts via Right Now Media. If you don't have access to Christ Church's Right Now Media account, email Ben Birdsong at for login info.

Please complete the above items and turn it into your trip leader at your next team training.

Resources from the Training Video

Resources for Raising Support

Click here for a copy of the support raising template for writing a great support letter and building your prayer team.


If you have any questions about the above Mission Trip 101 Training, please reach out to your team leader or contact Dr. Ben Birdsong at

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