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Current Series // Unexpected Kingdom: The Gospel of Mark

Updated: May 7

All of us come to Jesus with expectations. Whether we expect a life of blessing, comfort, or our prayers answered in just the right way, we expect what we expect. It turns out that this is nothing new. All through the Gospel of Mark, people come to Jesus with their expectations of what the kingdom of God should look like and for what Jesus should do. And again and again, Jesus turns their expectations upside down. Along the way, it becomes more and more clear that the true nature of the kingdom of God turned out to be altogether unexpected.

This sermon series will present the opportunity to discover the kingdom the way Jesus actually offers it. We'll have the opportunity to consider our own expectations of Jesus and reflect on the many ways he challenges our expectations. We'll hear his call to follow and learn and obey, and we'll have the opportunity to surrender to the life of the kingdom. In the end, we'll find that the kingdom of God may not be exactly what we expected, but we'll also find that it's better than we could have ever anticipated.


Sunday Worship

8:15 am // Traditional in Sanctuary

10:45 am // Contemporary in Worship Center


Series Playlist


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